double crystal slice necklace

Double crystal slice necklace

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This is a modern crystal necklace which is a beautiful addition to any outfit whether it be day or evening!  There are 2 necklaces which merge into one through little lotus flower connectors, the longest necklace measures approximately 20".

The pendants are natural druzy slices which are 2 tones of blue and compliment each other perfectly.

I have tried to capture the beautiful sparkle of the crystals inside the druzys and because of it's unusual shape this necklace definately stands out! 

Please see all the photos, I have added a penny to give an idea of size.

Whenever you feel the need to harmonize a bunch of people and move toward a common spiritual goal, you can use Druzy Crystals.

Druzy Crystal will boost your imagination and creativity and induce relaxation.

This crystal will also help with your emotional problems.

Druzy Crystals are especially helpful in awakening positive self-love because love is the most effective and best universal healer!